GMNSDO Officers

GMNSDO  Conferences Officers Membership Meeting Minutes

President  - Patti Stockhausen MSN, RN, NPD-BC

Advocate Aurora Healthcare, Site/System Nursing Professional Development Specialist

Phone:  (262) 376-4004; 

Officer Responsibilities- Presides over the meetings; chairs the By-Laws Committee; conducts the business of the organization; chairs the nominating committee. The president serves for one year. 


President-Elect -Open Position

Officer Responsibilities- Assumes the duties and responsibilities in the absence of the President; chairs the Spring Program Planning Committee. The President-Elect serves a one-year term and subsequently serves as president the following year.


Secretary - Kurtis Hammitt MSN, RN

Froedtert Health, System Education Coordinator RN

Phone: (414) 805-2787;

Officer Responsibilities- Records and distributes meeting minutes and agendas. The Secretary is elected biannually.


Treasurer - Amy Bickett MSN, RN, NPD-BC

Advocate Aurora Healthcare, Nursing Professional Development Specialist Lead

Phone:  (414) 647-3306 ;  

Officer Responsibilities- Receives and deposits funds; collects dues; maintains financial records of the organization; pays the bills of the organization; provides updated membership roster to the Secretary upon receipt of dues; maintains roster of current members. The Treasurer is elected biannually. 


Webmaster- Dina Kebbekus BSN, RN, RNC-OB

Advocate Aurora Healthcare, Nursing Professional Development Generalist

Phone:  (262) 229-5990 ;

Officer Responsibilities- Develops and maintains GMNSDO website design and content. The webmaster is elected biannually.  


Nominate yourself for an office! Terms of office begin in September. Nominations are requested three months prior to the election. Officers are elected by a simple majority. 

Click here for the Self-Nomination Form                                   

The GMNSDO Bylaws were updated in March 2021.